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Introducing the oLock (2)

Smart Door Locks 

Always Safe,
Always Secure

Designed from start to finish for safety and security, the oLock can always be mechanically unlocked from the inside by hand or from the outside by key, even if wifi is down or the battery is dead. Our thorough design ensures no one will be locked in during an emergency.

Hiding beneath the simple user and management interfaces is robust industry-standard digital key management system. The physical and digital design prevents any new security vulnerabilities. Access logs will soon be visible to management and users (for their residence) alike.

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Not Just for Rentals

The oLock works for private rental units, shared rental units, private rooms within shared rental units or community areas (like pools, leasing offices, maintenance areas or closets).
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Grant Scheduled Access

Limit access based on simple yet robust schedules. For example, easily grant access to a cleaning company from 3pm-5pm every Thursday or limit access to the pool to only 9am-9pm.
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Anytime Installation

Installation takes less than 15 minutes by a normal maintenance person with a phillips screwdriver and supplied hex screwdriver. Only the interior portion is changed so existing keys still work. 
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Remote Unlock

Residents or managers can be notified and remotely unlock the oLock when a visitor arrives or a resident forgets their app login.
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How it Works

Unlocking is easy and quick with two taps; tap the door then tap the notification on your phone to enter in seconds. No more fumbling for keys.

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Fully Keyless

By requiring residents to use the app, you can do away with giving out physical keys. No more rekeying locks during turnover!
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Manage Guest Lists

Control whether your residents can grant guest access to visitors or optionally require manager approval before granting guess access. 
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Reduce Overhead

With Assisted Unlock, your onsite property management will rarely, if ever, need to deal with lockouts. If a user’s phone dies they can use any other phone to login and unlock.

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No Wifi Needed

Wifi or power down in the building? No problem, residents can still get into their  apartment with the app. Remote battery monitoring ensures no unexpected dead batteries.
obodo portal

Easy Access
Management Portal  

Access Management is quick to set-up and easy to use. During install, all existing areas secured by oLock will be configured in the secure web portal. Standard unit and room access is granted automatically and additional access (community areas, staff areas, etc.) can be easily granted through simple automatic (e.g. “all residents”) or managed user groups.